Tips to generate business leads while the NZ sun shines

Did your business go to sleep over Christmas? Some canny operators have been using the downtime to get in front of their target audiences and generate meaningful leads. Here’s how:

Most people are back on deck after the summer break now and businesses have woken up from our lovely summer slumber.

However, for some of our clients, the holiday period proved to be an opportune time to start conversations with the people that mean the most to them: new leads.

Back in December, we published a blog about how we Kiwis are glued to our phones over summer - with Vodafone statistics showing that data consumption skyrockets over the break. We suggested that instead of joining most organisations for a summer hibernation you might instead think about the ways you could make use of your audience being on holiday mode – and in front of their devices. 

A couple of our clients took up our challenge and, for relatively modest social media spends on Facebook, we were able to produce some satisfying results. Take one particular client for instance:

Given that we’re still in the infancy stages with this client from a social media perspective, these results are really encouraging and lay a strong platform for us to build upon.

For another client of ours, we were able to generate 98 new quantifiable leads over the break – also on Facebook - to take their tally for the last 5 months to: 

Laser-like targeting

Generally, we’re able to get low cost per click and cost per lead results by being really specific about who we are trying to reach and then creating bespoke messaging for each group.

Our starting point at The Clarity Business is always to ask our clients about:  

Objectives: What are you looking to achieve?

Audiences: Who do you need to target?

Messages: What do you need to say to them to encourage them to act?

Strategy: How will you carry the message to them?

Creating unique communications for each target audience helps boost the relevance score (if we’re talking about Facebook / Instagram) which will then help to put your campaign in front of more people at a lower ad spend.

Test and tweak

We’re constantly analysing how the various creative and copy variants we employ are performing with their respective audiences. Building successful social media campaigns are all about testing and tweaking your ad sets until you land on something which is generating the best end result. In our case, that end result is often quantifiable leads for our clients.

Adding tangible value

As nice as likes, comments, website clicks and leads are, we avoid getting caught up in vanity measures and always want to make sure the work we’re doing is meeting our clients’ objectives.

It’s an iterative process that sees us in regular dialogue with our clients to ensure the social media campaigns we’re running are adding real value to their organisation.

We’re here if you have any questions

Whether you want to do it yourself, or someone else to take care of it all for you, get in touch with us at The Clarity Business to discuss what can be achieved. We offer a suite of social media management services that don’t need to be overly time intensive so get in touch to find out what we can achieve together.

If you have any questions, please send us an email: welcome@theclaritybusiness.co.nz

By Daniel McCabe 


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