Strategy workshops

Objectives - audiences - message - strategy. Everything you do should be laser-focused on moving you closer to your organisational objectives. Whether it's to develop your brand, be seen as an expert, drive sales, or create a discussion around a topic, we can help you to align your communications efforts with your goals.

Perception audits

Do you know what the key decision-makers and influencers in your target audiences truly think of your organisation? If you are tendering for work, pitching for new business, or simply looking to strengthen your relationship with an existing client, understanding your audience is critical - and we can help to improve your understanding.

Message definition

Having a clear and consistent set of messages can make all the difference in getting your audience to connect with your organisation. We will help you to define exactly what your persuasive points are, how to tailor them to your audiences, and express and live them in everything you say and do. Actions speak louder than words.

Social media

Target, connect and engage with online audiences through smart, strategic social media activity that follows a plan that delivers. We work with clients to develop and deliver social media programmes backed with original and curated content that drives specific, qualified leads to your business.

Compelling content

Articles, web copy, newsletter, presentations, bid documents, brochures: we do it all - and well. The need for high quality, engaging content with strong and clear messaging threaded through it has never been greater. Make your content shine with Clarity's professional copy writing team.

Media training

Are you prepared if the media come to you? And how do you plan to keep tabs on social media while you're doing an interview? We help people and companies to prepare for positive and more challenging media interactions all the time: we can help you get your message across.


Through our proven approach to competitive tendering, we have helped clients to win more than $6.5 billion in work through formal bidding processes. The earlier we're involved, the more we can achieve with you, creating win strategies, helping you to position your organisation ahead of tenders - and to win that bid: don't leave it too late!

Media relations

Do you want to get your offer across in the media - and are you prepared to respond to media if a crisis hits your organisation? In a fast-paced information age, time is critical - and the media are still immensely powerful. We work with you to create compelling media stories, delivered in a format that the media find timely, useful and useable.

Award submissions

We help organisations to succeed through compelling award submissions, helping you explain why YOU should win. From client and team interviews to case studies, message development and document editing, we do everything we can to ensure that others don't steal your glory.

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