New skills in the Clarity team!

It’s very exciting for us to announce that Kim Baldock has agreed to apply her skills at The Clarity Business.

Joining us as a highly skilled contractor, Kim is a senior marketing and communications professional with extensive experience in a range of industries including; media, events, commercial real estate and non-profit, working across Pacific and Asia. She has held key roles within organisations including More FM, The Radio Network, North Port Events, Restaurant Association of NZ and most recently with CBRE New Zealand and CBRE Asia Pacific.

“I have worked with Kim for a number of years at CBRE,” says George Hulbert. “I have always been a big fan of not just her skillset but also the way she gets things done, so when the opportunity arose to see if she might work with us I leapt at the chance – and I’m stoked that she has been adding great value to what we do from day 1.”

Kim adds to Clarity’s skillset across a wide range of disciplines including marketing, communications, media relations, internal communications, thought leadership and RFP tendering processes.

She has led client engagement programmes ranging from $350,000 to $1 million and exclusive client events from 50 senior leaders through to broader based events of up to 250, managed RFP document development for Commercial Real Estate sales of $20 million plus and redesigned internal communication processes impacting over 11,000 employees.


This is the actual newsflash when the news broke in New Zealand 50 years ago that man had walked on the moon.

Anyone interested in news, and the history of news, will be interested to see this piece of paper, a teleprinter message that was torn off ‘the ticker’ at the Daily Post in Rotorua just before 1pm on Monday 21 July 1969 NZ time and given to George's father-in-law, Bob Wallace, who was working there as a reporter.

We think it is a pretty remarkable piece of paper, and we love the fact that it tells the story simply and powerfully, as news does at its best. No frills on this one: just a world-shifting announcement in eight words. A man doing something truly extraordinary, something historic.

Imagine how the story might appear on social media today: 'Astronaut breaks silence: you'll be amazed at what he did next'...?

10 years young!

Amazing - The Clarity Business is ten years old! And we celebrated with a tenth birthday party complete with balloons, cake, Twisties, cheerios, fizzy drinks (!) and a bit of dancing. 

It was great to welcome so many long-term clients and friends of the business to the lovely Excelsior Lounge in Generator, and to spend some fun time together relaxing and enjoying each other's company. 

George also wrote a blog about a few things he's learned during his ten years of clarity - do read it HERE, and please take a look at a few photos from the night below:

Yes! Latest wins take Clarity clients to $4.7 billion work won!

It's always big news for us when our clients win procured work through tenders, and latest wins have been big ones: spectacular achievements for our clients, who have now won more than $4.7 billion in turnover with our assistance.

These wins continue to underscore the importance of sharp messaging and valuable time spent a)thinking about how your organisation will do more than meet your client's expectations - how will you be the engine of their success going forward - and b) how can you prove it? 
Do it well, and win. Many congratulations!


George had a great time recently when asked to be a guest lecturer to the Auckland University of Technology students on the Public Relations course. 

Given a tough topic - Communicating Complex Information - George was nervous that the 100+ students who had got up for the 9am lecture (not something George would have done in his university days...) would get up and walk out, or at least spend the time sexting, but it seemed like the audience was engaged and into the topic and examples. 

No one fell asleep, and the feedback afterwards was very positive. Let's do it again!

Starry facility hits Herald thanks to great photo

Kudos to Dr Michelle Dickinson, aka Nanogirl, for being so game as to allow this photo to be taken at the launch of the new Intra medical facility in North Harbour - as featured in today's New Zealand Herald. A great shot in an excellent facility, with top work by photographer Chris Loufte too. 

It goes to show that a great shot always enhances a great story. Visual content with a human dimension is always key to engaging audiences.

Super-penthouse makes the front page!

It always gives us a thrill to see our clients and their projects in the media, and particularly when they are front page news.

The New Zealand Herald's lead article on Saturday featured CBRE's project The Pacifica, which continues to set standards for quality and scale in Auckland. 

With $200 million in sales, and roughly 70% of the building pre-sold as construction gets underway in earnest (see separate NZ Herald story on Saturday here), The Pacifica is set to be a true Auckland landmark.

Loved CoreNet!

George really enjoyed MC-ing the CoreNet Symposium in Shed 10, threading his way through a day of stellar speakers from all over the world discussing how to create truly memorable experiences in modern workplaces. A great day!

Nanogirl: smashing it at The Learning Wave

It's always so invigorating to go to a breakfast event that fires your imagination, shows you possibilities and gives you tools you can use in your daily life.

So it was at the breakfast held by The Learning Wave, at which NanogirlMichelle Dickinson MNZM gave a fascinating talk on the nowfuture of technology, work and learning. We loved it. 

For more on what she said, read on HERE:

Doing Round The Bays in style:

Oh yeah baby, fluoro is the way to go! Well, if you want to look like Richard Simmons anyway... 

The Clarity team (and fit ring-ins) took to the streets of Auckland to run the 8.4km Round The Bays, with team 1 coming in at a creditable 46 minutes. Running can be fun!

Lead On: networking at its best

It was great to be part of the first Lead On business networking lunch event at The Northern Steamship in Britomart yesterday. The 26 people who came along represented a wide range of companies and industries, and created a lively, fun and thoroughly rewarding event. Relaxed, interesting and highly engaging, it was just as networking should be.

The next one is due to take place at the same location on Wednesday 14th March at 12:30pm.

Please email George if you'd like to come along!

WHEN: 8-9am Thursday 23 November 2017 

WHERE: Generator, 28 Customs St E, Auckland

RSVP to:

Breakfast event - Thursday 23 November

Visiting British author and global thought leader Neil Gaught put on a breakfast in association with The Clarity Business.

Neil shared his powerful insights on how society is changing business – and offered guidance on how businesses should position themselves for the future. 

As the author of CORE: How a Single Organizing Idea Can Change Business for Good - which has since been nominated for a business book award in the UK, Neil has a powerful approach that will help leaders to better respond to today’s challenges.

Jacinda Neighdern's a winner!

Jacinda Neigh-dern, Clarity's entry in the inaugural Generator McAlpine Stakes, a three-furlong pantomime horse race, proved to be a reasonably slow horse, but one with strong dancing style and a good sense of timing. 

Not the most stylish horse, nor  the most out there, but her ability to sneak away ahead of the pack on the last leg of the race saw her take out the win! 

Many thanks to Generator for what was a really superb event. Bring on next year!

Check out the awesome video of the event HERE:

Thanks Keystone!

George really enjoyed MC-ing The Keystone Trust's annual awards evening last Thursday. The trust, its leadership and the students who are the beneficiaries of its scholarships, are equally - and thoroughly - impressive.

And it's always great to work with Victoria McArthur and Louella Mancer, who make the daunting task of growing a hugely successful trust look easy. Thank you for involving us!

In the news

Great to see our client Minter Ellison Rudd Watts talking in the New Zealand Herald today (26 October 2017) about ways to meet and fund the many infrastructure challenges we face in NZ. MERW partners Tom Fail and Sarah Sinclair demonstrating their insightful perspectives, as ever:

Keystone skills session

Here's George working through some presentation skills with the ever-impressive scholarship students of The Keystone Trust - not sure what's up on screen, but there must be a point to it!

Digest this!

So great to see our client MacMurray Centre dominating the NZ Herald's front page and top story online on Saturday. They're doing amazing work to help people lose weight through a non-invasive procedure, and it is well worth taking a look at the video in the article online:

Co-working poster children!

Always at the forefront of trends, it's good to see George and Dan from Clarity in this New Zealand Herald article on co-working in our "trendy and funky Generator co-working space in Britomart, Auckland"... 

NZTG smashing media coverage at #NZTGCONF

Great to see NZ Trade Group showcasing some of the media coverage it has achieved to 116 members at #NZTGCONF 2017. We love working with this highly innovative nationwide organisation, which helps trades businesses to get ahead faster. And it's good to see NZTG using media coverage to build its reputation among its own partners too...

And the message is:

Thanks Generator for the opportunity to speak to the members about how we help organisations to succeed through good communication - and to introduce the ever-excellent Sarah Williams from NZHL to show us how to use message properly!

Great Lions Mixer!

Another enjoyable Clarity Mixer used the occasion of the Lions - Chiefs game to invite people over to Generator for drinks, pizza, Monster Munch and the game.

George was of course happy with the convincing Lions win, but more so with the turnout and the people who came.

Thank you all for coming - and keep your eyes peeled for the next Clarity Mixer, to be announced in due course.

Clarity clients win $3 billion in work!

8 June 2017
We are thrilled to announce that latest successes at the tender box mean that clients of The Clarity Business have won more than $3 billion in work through tenders that have involved our input.

"The successes that our clients enjoy at in targeting, approaching and then submitting tender submissions is testament to their committed and message-focused approach," says George Hulbert, Director of The Clarity Business.

"When organisations think ahead to the bids they want to target several months ahead of time, and then position their businesses to succeed - promoting the qualities that align with their intended clients - they are so much more likely to succeed.

"At a time when evaluation weightings in formal procurement processes are increasingly favouring non-price attributes, any organisation looking to win work through submitting a tender should consider how they can focus their message before and during the process."

Thanks CoreNet!

Dan and George were chuffed to receive some fizz from @CoreNetkiwi after the successful CoreNet Symposium last month - thank you Nigel and the CoreNet team!

Generating news:

We always love to be at the centre of a good property story!

Here we are pictured hard at work as the New Zealand Herald writes up a major deal by listed property giant Precinct Properties to acquire a 50 per cent interest in in our Generator home...

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