Need help positioning your company to develop Government land?

By George Hulbert, Director, The Clarity Business

So one element of the Budget was blown a day early: the big secret - that the Government intends to open up 430 hectares or more of Crown land in Auckland to residential development in an effort to try to cool the housing market - was leaked inadvertently by an MBIE staffer who put the proposed tender up on a website.

Yesterday's budget then confirmed that the Government is setting aside a $52 million capital contingency to facilitate housing development on Crown-owned land in Auckland.

Now, we rarely put sales messages up in our blogs, but on this occasion we are going to make an exception:

If you need help to target and win some of this work, we can help

As property and construction PR and tender specialists with a proven record of success, we can help you to:

  1. Hone your messages - so your offer is clear; your points of difference, er, stand out; and that the benefits of your approach are powerful
  2. Position your company - among the people who matter before you get to the bid stage, so not only can they see that you can do the job but they should want you to be involved because you have shown how you align with their objectives
  3. Use available communications channels well – including social media and the right media, to build a compelling world around your 'offer', so the people who matter can see the examples of your work, the way you do things and the benefits you create
  4. Plan for your bid – through our proven bid workshop process, through which we will help you to understand what exactly the client wants to achieve, the competitive landscape, how to stand out, and what evidence you need to gather to prove your case
  5. Write your bid – you're the expert in what you do, we are experts in helping you explain why you are so good at it. We will help you to get your point across simply, compellingly and in a way that matches the exact requirements of the bid.
We have helped companies to win nearly $1.9 billion in work through this approach to date.

So contact us if you want to target - and win - some of this new Government work. It would be our pleasure to assist you. Get in touch with Clarity Director, George Hulbert on george@theclaritybusiness.co.nz, or tweet us via @ShapeTheMessage.


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