Many procurement processes are still forging ahead – so are you?

Are you using the lockdown to prepare your plans and proof, so you’re ready to win the contracts that are coming – and do you need help to complete the bids that are happening now?

These are two important questions we’re asking at a time when formal procurement processes are still moving forward during the lockdown.

Although many projects were shelved as Covid-19 sent us all scuttling off for home, one arena that is still active is the world of formal procurement – tenders: EOIs, RFTs, RFPs etc. Although many have been delayed, they are still moving forward.

The Government is also pressing ahead with its infrastructure package and its intent to spend $54 billion on land transport infrastructure over the next ten years. And, as schools, hospitals, prisons and other critical infrastructure will still need to be built, maintained and upgraded to accommodate NZ’s growing population, now is a great time to examine what you are doing to target and win the contracts that will inevitably come.

So what are you doing about it? Here are a three questions you should consider if you want to use this period in time to plan forward:

Are you using this time to identify to clients you’d like to target? 

Who are they, and how much do you know about them - for example: their objectives, values, key people, and what's important to them? It’s worth really drilling into this area: the more you know about what is important to them, how they think and what they want to achieve, the better you can show them how you will help them get there.

Is your organisation aligned with the Broader Outcomes? 

If not, it should be: it is a key lens through which national and local government organisations now view - and select - the supplier-partners they wish to work with. Hint: it’s all about the legacy you wish to leave - will you be a net contributor to NZ’s health as a country, or a net drain on it?

Now is a great time to evaluate where you stand: are you are 'net gain' or 'net drain' - and what can you do about it? (answer: quite a bit). We’re helping organisations to consider how these all-important outcomes affect not only what you do as an organisation but the way in which you do it – and how you show that you are aligned with your client.

Do you need help managing or completing tender bids right now? 

With everyone on lockdown, we know that responding to bids can seem like an impossible task. But it doesn't need to be this way. We love doing this work and we’re ready to help if you need us, so do contact us if you'd like some help with:

  • Planning your bidding and client acquisition strategies, and/or with 
  • Aligning with the Broader Outcomes
  • Tenders that are underway now.


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