What your reception reveals about your business:

At Clarity we're no interior designers, but we are intensely interested in the messages you give: in person, in your actions, in your words – in everything.

We know that the world is obsessed with making a good impression online, but in our race to do so don't forget about that funny old-fashioned thing: the first actual place that many people come into contact with your company: your reception.

Experiential marketing has exploded in recent years as organisations come to terms with the complete experience their customers have with their brands. Each touch point a customer has with your organisation says something about you and will impact what they think of you.

So, how is your reception shaping your message to your audiences?

First impressions count

Let's face it: whether you like it or not, your reception area sends a strong message to people who interact with your company.

When I visit an organisation, I'm always asking myself: "what is this company really like?" And, as your reception is one of the first physical interactions I'm going to have with you, I'm asking myself, as I try to understand you better and get behind your corporate website and messages:

What's the decor like: Stylish? Shabby chic? Unloved? Or just a plain old shitbox? Do you even have a reception?

What sort of information and reading material do you have? Is it well presented? In a pile? Is it of interest to me or just a catalogue of airport weighing machines?

Are you proud of what you achieve? Are there any publications you have created or awards you have won on display?

Are you interested in your visitor?

Can you hear me on the intercom when I'm looking for a parking space? And can I hear you?

Are you friendly?

Does your receptionist look up or does he/she have his/her nose in her screen/on the phone?

If I have visited before, is there a glimmer of recognition in their eyes? Or even, dare I say it, a 'hello'?

Will you offer me a drink?

And, if the person I'm due to see isn't there, does anyone try to track them down?

Do I need help with your elaborate sign in/Health & Safety procedures?

Or am I left alone with nothing but a bell and a blank wall for company?

Why is this important?

I realise that this could all sound petty: first world problems. However, it all talks to care. How much does this company appear to care about me, and my contact with it?

Do you care about how people interact with you, or not?

Do you care about the outside world, your public relations, or not?

Are you truthful when you talk about how customer-centric you are?

Do you actually want to interact with your customers?

So, whatever impression you're looking to give, think about the message you're sending in your reception. Go into your reception area and think about it as though you were visiting it for the first time: does it make you proud, or embarrassed?

And come and visit us: check out our reception area at Generator. We're lucky, because it's a great space. It's often where we have our Mixer events because it's so welcoming.

We'd love to see you there.

(Do let us know if you'd like to come to one of our Mixers: send us an email and we'll add you to the list!)


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