We will help you win more work through tenders

We take a different approach to traditional bid writers. We're not just bid writers.

We have helped companies to win more than $10 billion in work through the tender box.

Here are a few of our points of difference:

  • We understand your client and their objectives

  • We help you understand and emphasise your points of difference: getting an external view on what makes your organisation stand out can be a major asset at tender time

  • Pre-bid positioning: 90% of your work should be in this space. We help you every step of the way

  • We help you to create a plan of attack ahead of each bid: we help your question and evaluate each bid

  • We develop your message: working with you and your team, we bring your points of difference to life

  • Providing evidence and examples that demonstrate and prove your value: We work with you to get processes in place to source and save tangible examples of how your business has exceeded expectations on projects

  • We connect the dots: between your statements, your evidence and what your client needs, like no one else can.

We work to generate tangible value through the Clarity approach. And we are achieving results around the clock.


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