Helping you to gauge benchmarks and perceptions to drive improvements

We work with our clients to engage with your external stakeholders, identify your strengths and challenges, and highlight areas for improvement.

Our research can be used to shape your work moving forward, as well as your vision and mission, providing you with a good overview of how you are perceived by the people and groups that can impact upon the success of your business or organisation.

Engaging and surveying your stakeholders also opens the doors for a more transparent, consultative relationship through an alert third-party facilitator.

Win more work by understanding your customers

We all know that the most successful bids are all about meeting the needs of the customer.

A well-briefed external person can help you by going into your intended customer well in advance of any bid process to ask questions such as: Do they know you? Where have you really succeeded for them? Where have things not gone so well? And, most importantly, what are they looking to achieve as an organisation?

Armed with answers to these questions, not only will your service improve ahead of any tender processes, but the fact that you care enough to send someone in to ask about this stuff – someone not employed by you, so the customer can be open in their responses – will take you a step forward in your customer's eyes.

And, of course, better knowledge of your customer should help you to tune your subsequent bids to their needs more effectively.

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