Sound strategies: Getting mileage out of your content

It's an often-used saying here at Clarity that using a single piece of good content many times is a sound strategy – it's highly effective, and that's why we stand by it.

Content is still king - and we're not just talking about words, but about imagery, GIFs, video, infographics, presentations and podcasts. People are hungry for information, and want something that will hold their attention for a few precious minutes and provide them with value.

In business communications, this concept is just as true as ever.

We advise clients each and every day about how content can create the basis for an effective and easy to maintain communications programme. But it doesn't stop there: we advocate for a time-proven approach to repurposing, reusing, and repositioning content that will ensure you get bang for buck, reach more of your audience, and have a consistently-filled pipeline of useful content that will drive you closer to your organisation's strategic objectives.

But enough about us; let's talk about you. I'm going to run through a few real-life scenarios which demonstrate how utilising content more strategically can take your organisation's communications from 'BAU' to next level success.


For most people, time is your most precious commodity. You're swamped at work, busy after hours with networking and industry events, and you'd actually quite like to spend some time with your family and friends too.

It's a powerful moment to realise that spending 15 minutes with a good interviewer can provide the ammunition to create multiple pieces of content that will position you as a thought-leader, and your business as a proactive force in the market.

Here's how it plays out
You sit down for quarter of an hour and get asked a few questions about what's happening in your industry, within your business, and what's affecting your clients. 15 minutes, wham bam thank you ma'am.

From there, you'll soon see a number of different pieces of content come onto your radar: a blog post for your corporate website, a press release distributed online, a think-piece in an industry publication, and perhaps even a longer-form white paper available for download.

You're thinking; really? All that from 15 minutes? Let me tell you, it doesn't stop there.

Take your content further than your corporate website
You can expect to see a number of tweets via your company Twitter account over the next few weeks, a post on your LinkedIn company page, and through your own profile, and even a few well-crafted Facebook posts on your business page.

From the initial pearls of wisdom you provided in that 15 minute interview, you might see a SlideShare presentation, or a short video with the highlights of your commentary, or an attractive infographic that can be shared across social networks and printed out to act as a leave behind or sales tool.

I could go on, but I think you get the point: one piece of content, used well, many times, can be the difference between your company putting out one piece of news a year, versus a regular and constant feed of useful information and resources that keep you top of mind in front of your target audience with very little input from you.

Value for money, reach more of your audience
Aside being a highly effective use of your time, using content well can provide considerable value to your organisation and of course, more of your audience is reached with your messages and knowledge.

We work with clients to continually refine this process, so that with each piece of content that goes out, we can help you to pinpoint what worked well, how your key messages were picked up, and then tune the next piece of content so that you are always moving closer to achieving your organisational objectives and forging better relationships with your target audience.

Simple, effective and addictive
Like all the best things in life (think hot wings, Netflix, wine) using content well is simple, effective and addictive. It's a sound strategy, and one which we've helped many of our clients to adopt.

The key driver of this strategy is that by sharing your knowledge, your market commentary, and your advice for the future, your audience comes to see you as a trusted and credible source of information that they can put to use in their own work. Despite the glut of content available on the internet, business audiences still seek out articles and blogs that add value to their thinking, and put them ahead of the competition.

Once you see our process in motion, the only thought you will have is: why didn't we take this approach sooner?


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