In Clarity news this week, we are delighted to announce that recent contract wins have taken the amount we have helped clients win through formal tender processes to over NZ$1.5b.

So, what is it that has enabled Clarity to support our clients in such a significant way?

We take a unique approach to traditional bid writers, and here's a few of our points of difference:

  • We understand your client and their objectives:this is the most important factor by a country mile. Many a bid has been lost on the basis that there was a gap between the bidding company's understanding of the client's aims and objectives through the tender -we take care to understand what is
    underpinning the bid, where the client wants to go in the future, and how you can support and accelerate their objectives
  • Helping you understand and emphasise your USP and points of difference: getting an external view on what makes your organisation stand out can be a major asset at tender time. We see the unique and innovative things you might take as standard practice and help you communicate them through the tender document
  • Pre-bid activity: 90% of your work should be in this space and we help you every step of the way. The positioning of your people, services and brand ahead of the bid, whether through targeted events, media profile, internal communication schemes, or winning industry awards, is a useful way to ensure you are top of mind for a TET when it gets to tender time
  • We support you and your team with a strategic plan of attack ahead of each bid: we help your question and evaluate each bid, asking why it's worth going for and if you truly do have the resource, capacity and services to meet the bid requirements. If not, we help our clients to identify opportunities to bid for profile and positioning, which can be of real use for future bids
  • We develop your message: working with you and your team, we specialise in bringing your points of difference to life through formal tender processes. Whether it's a value-add approach, innovative solutions, or a 24/7 offering, we will ensure your message is strong, targeted and directly connects to the objectives of your client
  • Providing evidence and examples that demonstrate and prove your value: are your people doing great work but you've got no record, no quotes, and no photos? We work with you to get processes in place to source and save tangible examples of how your business has exceeded expectations on projects. We can guarantee you'll be happy you made the effort to save evidence when it comes to the Relevant Experienced and Track Record section of a bid
  • We connect the dots: between your statements, your evidence and what your client needs, like no one else can.
With a growing number of tenders out in the market at present, and the nation's economy well-placed for success, we are working with companies who are generating tangible value through the Clarity approach and we are achieving results around the clock.

For more tips and resources on bidding, check out our blog posts on tendering and how to stand out when it comes to the all-important bid:

If you want to take your tender documents to the next level and win that all-important next bid, and work with experienced professional communicators who can help your business succeed at bid time, get in touch with our team for a confidential coffee and chat about your tendering needs: emailGeorge@theclaritybusiness.co.nz or mikela@theclaritybusiness.co.nz or call 09 950 2690 today. You can also tweet us via @ShapeTheMessage.


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