How can you use social media and content to showcase the people and stories in and around your business?

By Mikela Dennison, Account Manager, The Clarity Business
Do you have a passionate and expert team of people within your organisation? Does your organisation support any community or industry causes? Are you struggling to tell authentic stories that do those things justice?

Social media channels like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook can be great platforms to share the human stories of your team, your organisation and your values. Our tip? Bring the 'lens' down to a human level so that your target audience can connect with the people and passion behind your business and projects.

Transform your audience's understanding through content that connects

You are likely familiar with the saying that people don't remember what you say; they remember how you make them feel. Well, in that same vein, people don't connect with brands, business lines, or your latest brag book: they connect with how your story makes them feel.

If I can borrow from the Intelligent Content Conference, I'd point to this great quote:

"A story worth telling – a story that can transform the audience in some way – takes listeners on a journey from their starting point to a new understanding."

How can you ensure that your content and message takes your target audience to a new understanding? Tell the stories of the people who make your business tick. Encourage your team to become content creators and curators. After all, the people on the ground, talking to clients, hearing their struggles, and engaging in market discussions, are the people who bring your organisation and its goals to life.

After all, much of the research shows that storytelling is an instinctively human activity, which no amount ofautomation, scheduling or technological advances can replace. On that note however, upon researching this blog post, I came across a fantastic quiz, which asks you to decide if a piece of text was created by a human or a computer. Take a few minutes to see if you can tell the difference.

It's not just the written word that compels human stories: think visually as well, because no good read is complete without great imagery. It's not as hard as you think.

Everyone is a photographer these days, so think about how you can harness the power of your iPhone or Samsung to showcase your skills as a team or as a company. Show your people working with clients, or out on site, connecting with your projects, suppliers and the community around your business - preferably not in a shadowy office!

Wrap your community around your business

In 2015, business is about a lot more than turning a profit; it's about engaging and enabling communities to do something better, smarter and more enjoyably, albeit with your help. The return for your business is that the community is wrapped around your project, fostering and harnessing goodwill, and strengthening your brand in the process.

I implore you to think about how you are currently using content to tell stories that connect your business with the people who matter to your success – and if you see room for improvement, I'd ask you to think about how you might go about creating smart, human, compelling content that will support your objectives, position your brand, and wrap a community around you.

To help get you started, here's some Clarity tips on how you can create killer content.


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