5 tips to maximise PR opportunities over the holiday period…

By Luke Henshall

1. Have an opinion

We all know the feeling. You get back from holiday feeling relaxed and refreshed (yeah right!) and the cogs of the work machine move a bit slower.

This is the perfect time to express that opinion you've been wanting to advocate or lobby for in relation to your business operations. There is less noise to compete with and creating conversation starters is a good way for media outlets, especially radio, to stimulate engagement with their audience at a time when hard news is thin on the ground. Unless you take paparazzi shots of John and Bronagh Key in Hawaii as being news of course!

2. Summer-ify your stories

If you're looking to publicise a particular project, milestone or achievement over the holiday period, wherever possible try to inject a bit of summer into your story. It may be as simple as a summery metaphor or cliché, and remember - Keep It Simple Stupid. No jargon is ever good when trying to win over media or a mainstream audience but this is particularly important during a summer holiday period. People are less inclined to read four line sentences and delve into the essence of a set of data when their heads are still in holiday mode. Keep it light and keep it fresh.

3. Make the most of it being the start of the calendar year

At the start of the year is always a good time to use what's happening that year as a news hook to tie your story too. And there's plenty happening in 2017 – it's the Chinese Year of the Rooster, forecasts of interest rate rises and housing market cool-offs, the NZ Government election, global economy under Trump, dairy prices, the list goes on. Think how can you tap into those events and have something to say or align a project to them. If you or an executive in your organisation, is up for it, you can even create your own news by committing to a year-long cause - that's aligned with your business, operations. This could be in the form of volunteering, diet, physical exercise, the wackier the better!

4. Maximise thought leadership

Lurking inside your organisation is a person, or people, with years and years of experience. They've been there, done that, and seen it all before. Or maybe you have a young up and comer with their finger on the pulse of what's happening in your industry, where the market is headed and the role technological innovation will play. Tap into that. Share their views. Write a blog or newsletter article that you can post on your website and share through your social media channels to inform your stakeholders about what you think 2017 will bring. By sharing useful insights you'll go a long way to establishing or enhancing your organisation's thought leadership position. Avoid promoting your organisation's offering and don't be scared of highlighting your individual employee's knowledge at the expense of the company as a whole – being perceived as having capable team members enhances your brand regardless.

5. Get snapping

Everything feels brighter and happier in summer and it's the perfect time to get good visual content of projects or business operations for your digital channels. Whether your business is in construction, tourism, FMCG, whatever the sector, make sure all of your staff are on the lookout for any great uses of your product or service in an outdoor, summery setting. Bonus points too if you can capture your product or service being used by a social influencer or one of the many celebrities local and international on holiday in New Zealand at this time of the year.


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