Top tips for creating winning business publications

We work with several of our clients to create visually stunning, message-driven publications that cut through the noise and connect directly with the intended audience.

From compelling corporate profiles that showcase services, engaging infographics that energise employees and equip stakeholders with data, to sleek corporate magazines that demonstrate connections and activity in the market, The Clarity Business makes them happen.

We offer communications strategy, message development and copywriting, interviewing and transcribing, design services and total project management, so your next publication targets and connects with the people and audiences who matter to your success.

In this post, we'll offer some top tips to keep in mind so that when someone sees your next publication, the first word that comes out of their mouth is "Wow".

1. Start with your objective and purpose:
  • It all starts with the brief and background. What does your publication seek to achieve?
  • The purpose and brief drives everything (content, data/interviews, design, distribution, promotion)
  • This acts as a filter for decision-making and sense checking to keep the project moving and people working with a common purpose.
2. Define your audience:
  • Who does your publication intend to connect with? (i.e. existing clients, prospective clients, key influencers, employees, investors, or a wider stakeholder group)
  • Your audience should be considered at every step: content, fonts, imagery, and tone
  • Consider what your audience needs: information, entertainment, a call to action, advice, to understand processes, or even a fresh perspective on a topical issue
  • Your end audience should also influence the way you publish and promote your publication; is it going to be hard print with an elegant design finish, sent through an intranet, uploaded as an online PDF that can be sent and saved, or a series of blog posts that are easily shared on social media and quickly used as resources?
  • You might even publish across multiple channels, but it's crucial that you keep in mind how your target audience will access and utilise the publication you have on offer.
3. Articulate your brand and message:
  • If it's an engaging internal publication you are seeking to create, talk to your teams and find out what they'd like to see written and created about and for them
  • Decide what is brand consistent and what is pushing the boundaries (good and bad). If you're a conservative brand, is it time to be slightly more provocative in your tone or topics covered? Similarly, if you are a more relaxed and edgy brand, can you use the opportunity to punch above your weight and use some serious numbers and heavy-hitting people to communicate your message in a smart and sophisticated manner?
  • Your brand gives useful cues for message, content direction and all design elements. Utilise it!
4. Keeping on track - project management is key:
  • Purpose, people, scope and price: keeping the project moving forward and in line with your expectations is central to a successful publication outcome
  • Timeframes, deadlines and turnaround: these are all important issues that need careful attention and planning to ensure responsibilities and actions are clear and fulfilled in time for sign off, printing and delivery.
Do you have any tips to add for creating a winning publication? Leave your comments below or join us on LinkedIn to take the discussion further.

If you think your business - or a business you know - could benefit from a stunning and compelling publication, get in touch with The Clarity Business today to see what we've created recently and how we can help you shape the message for your next magazine, infographic, newsletter or brochure.

Email:mikela@theclaritybusiness.co.nz or george@theclaritybusiness.co.nzor tweet us via @ShapeTheMessage.

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