The Clarity Business was born in October 2008

With his unerring sense of timing, founder George Hulbert chose the exact month that the Global Financial Crisis hit New Zealand to create Clarity.

However, the foundations were strong. Established in response to market demand for a cost-effective, asset-focused communications company, the business rapidly gained a client base in the property, farming, wine and construction sectors thanks to a combination of:

  • Cost-effective, transparent services based around detailed timesheets
  • Effective strategies and execution that built the capabilities of our clients and generated successful outcomes for them.

Since then, we have become active in so many other sectors and areas

A commercial focus underpins everything that we do. Whether we are putting in place a media relations campaign that generates a substantial impact on sales or creating more than $7.65 billion in work for NZ companies through successful tender support, the philosophy at The Clarity Business remains the same: let's be clear, concise, clever and consistent, helping you to achieve your objectives.


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