The Clarity Business is in the business of message

We help you to succeed through being relentlessly clear and focused on message - in everything we (and you) do.
To be able to operate effectively we need to gain knowledge of the following four things as early as possible:

1. Objective - what do you seek to achieve / what needs to happen for you to achieve your goal?

2. Audience - which person or people will act to make that happen / award you that contract?

3. Message - what do they need to know (that all-important 'Why Us?') to decide to act in your favour?

4. Strategy - we then work with our client to create a communications programme to deliver their message in a resonant and consistent manner.

The reason we are successful in the world of tendering is that from minute 1 we work to assess a company's ability to define and distribute its message, seeking to dig up the all-important Unique Selling Points and then highlight them in meaningful ways before, during and after a formal tender process.

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