What COVID messages are getting through to you?

We’re big into message at The Clarity Business. Which ones are getting through to you at the moment?

Stay home 

It’s a bit of big one, and it has made its way into my brain. It’s short, and easy to understand. If you want to stay out of the way of the virus, stay home. However, I was amazed yesterday on a quick trip to the pharmacy to see how many people seem to have missed it, strolling on beaches with coffees, chatting with friends and carrying on as though it was a normal day. Nutters: come on people, do your part!

Wash your hands

To be honest, I’ve always been a bit anti-hand sanitiser: the human race existed for hundreds of thousands of years quite happily without it, yet all of a sudden about ten years ago we all had to use it. 
Now though, the message makes a lot of sense. The reasons behind it have been explained. I get it and I’m using it.

There is plenty of toilet paper

This is a message that has definitely struggled to get through, judging by the insane scenes in supermarkets around the world. Do you have enough of this golden resource? We do hope so. I have particularly enjoyed thisdad explaining toilet paper maths. Have you done the sums?

My favourite message right now. It’s not always easy to follow, particularly when imprisoned with teenagers for an indefinite period, but it’s becoming my mantra.

Our message to you?
With some time on your hands, it's a great time to plan your professional messaging. Is what you’re communicating to your audiences useful to your clients right now? 

Our view is that good messaging is not about what you offer them, but what you can achieve for them.

Now’s a good time to think about your message.


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